*In the event of Typhoon No. 3 or above or Red/Black Rainstorm Warning is hoisted, sail will be cancelled.
 Please visit our website at or
 for latest condition and announcement. Date change or refund may be extended and is subject to availability.
*If the sails fail to open due to weather conditions, the sailing will still operate as usual.
 No refunds and compensation for all tickets ordered. Guest discretion advised.
The information of the following warnings are included in "Weather Warning Summary" and "Weather Warning Information":
 Name of Warning  Name of Warning  Name of Warning
一號戒備信號  Standby Signal, No. 1 三號強風信號  Strong Wind Signal, No. 3 八號東北烈風或暴風信號  No. 8 Northeast Gale or Storm Signal
八號西北烈風或暴風信號  No. 8 Northwest Gale or Storm Signal 八號東南烈風或暴風信號  No. 8 Southeast Gale or Storm Signal 八號西南烈風或暴風信號  No. 8 Southwest Gale or Storm Signal
九號烈風或暴風風力增強信號  Increasing Gale or Storm Signal, No. 9 十號颶風信號  Hurricane Signal, No. 10 黃色暴雨警告信號  Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal
紅色暴雨警告信號  Red Rainstorm Warning Signal 黑色暴雨警告信號  Black Rainstorm Warning Signal 雷暴警告  Thunderstorm Warning
新界北部水浸特別報告  Special Announcement On Flooding In Northern New Territories 山泥傾瀉警告  Landslip Warning 強烈季候風信號  Strong Monsoon Signal
霜凍警告  Frost Warning 紅色火災危險警告  Yellow Fire Danger Warning 紅色火災危險警告  Red Fire Danger Warning
寒冷天氣警告  Cold Weather Warning 酷熱天氣警告  Very Hot Weather Warning 海嘯警告  Tsunami Warning