The Only Inheritant Sailing Junk In Hong Kong

It represents Hong Kong's glorious and flourishing, also it represents our treasurable history too. We sincerely hope that we can spread the iconic junk to you all and the next generation.

In the blink of an eye, it has been 175 years since Hong Kong was opened for trade. The scenery of a frugal small fishing port where people made their lives on fishing and resided on the boats characterizes Hong Kong in her early years. Stacking up the port were boats, large or tiny, in different shapes. They have so far been an icon of Hong Kong. Born in 1955, DUKLING, nicknamed "The Holy Duck", was a fishing boat and a fisherman's home. Before turning into a sightseeing spot since the late 70s, it had witnessed for 60 years Hong Kong's changes and growth - her gradual transformation from a small fishing port to a prosperous entrepot and into today's metropolis with the continued efforts and determination of her people.

Weaving around every day between the skyscrappers standing on both sides along the Victoria Harbour, DUKLING not only repaints the nostalgic pictures for guests all over the world, but also recalls the local's memories of and attachment to the good old days in the port. Drifting across the harbour and this prosperous city, the antique boat DUKLING brings you travel through time, giving you feelings that is hard to articulate yet enduring - The Everlasting Passion!