Come to sail on DUKLING - 

The Only Inheritant 3-mast Junk In Hong Kong

DUKLING - representing the history of Hong Kong, also witnessed the prosperity and changes in the past 60 years.

We hope to keep and carry forward the culture of Hong Kong forever and let this Icon of Hong Kong be spread all over the world!


DUKLING is the only original Chinese junk remaining in Hong Kong. Tourists around the world including the locals enjoy to ride on this antique junk to capture the beauty of Hong Kong among each seasons and festivals. This Chinese traditional junk crossovers with various Western festivals from time to time (DUKLING x Series), DUKLING serves as a multicultural platform and provides an unique and unexpected experience for guests.

DUKLING not only repaints the nostalgic pictures for guests all over the world, but also recalls the local's memories of and attachment to the good old days in the port. Drifting across the harbour and this prosperous city, the antique boat DUKLING brings you travel through time, giving you feelings and romantic scene. This DUKLING not only a sailing junk, it's also a memory of all Hong Kong people. The most important thing is - DUKLING is Icon Of Hong Kong and representing Hong Kong.