Come aboard Dukling, Hong Kong's oldest Chinese junk remaining


Dukling's regular boat tours include:

  • Victoria Harbour Daytime Cruise

  • Victoria Harbour Sunset Cruise

  • Victoria Harbour Night Cruise

  • Victoria Harbour Symphony of Lights Cruise

Dukling — Hong Kong's last antique Chinese junk boat still regularly sailing 

Now offering Victoria Harbour boat tours, Dukling is a traditional Chinese red-sail junk boat formerly used for fishing, with nearly 70 years of history. Since Hong Kong was mainly a fishing harbour in the old days, these Chinese junk boats are an indispensable part of Hong Kong's history. Therefore, Dukling — the oldest Chinese junk boat and the only original one still regularly sailing in Hong Kong  — has naturally become the icon of Hong Kong.

Once a fishing boat, Dukling now sails across the renowned Victoria Harbour as a sightseeing cruise and provides boat tours to both tourists and Hong Kong locals. During the boat tour, not only can visitors enjoy the stunning views of the Victoria Harbour (especially during the Symphony of Lights night cruise), but they can also listen to the commentary to learn more about Hong Kong's history and fishermen culture.

Dukling also periodically hosts Cultural Journeys along the coast, a perfect family weekend getaway where parents and kids can experience the traditional fishermen culture together first-hand.

Apart from sightseeing, Dukling also functions as a great venue for school field trips, filming locations, private parties, commercial events and weddings. Besides boat rental services, it also offers a unique opportunity to place advertisements visible across the harbour on Dukling's sails.

Up till now, Dukling has proudly welcomed 100K+ guests and 20+ schools on board. Dukling has also been widely reported by both local and international media, such as BBC, CNN, Reuters, SCMP and NowTV. Come aboard this iconic Chinese boat now!