Dukling share the Birthday happiness with you!

Dukling share the Birthday happiness with you!


Dukling share the Birthday happiness with you!

Starting from 1st April 2018,Hong Kong Identity Card holders can receive one complimentary boarding session on their birthday, and 4 days before or after their birthday in regular session (except 1930 & 1945 session, and not applicable for DUKLING Cultural Journey),  with a special discount to all the families or friends  .

1-4 accompany guests - 10% off

5-9 accompany guests - 20% off

10 or above accompany guests - 30% off


Please sign up within 3-30 days before the date of the birthday, overdue will not be accepted.

To make booking, please provide the info below:

(1) Birthday guest Name
(2) Bday guests HKID (alphabet and 1st 4 digits) for our internal record
(3) Birthday date
(4) Number of accompanies (Except birthday, please specify adult/elder/child/child under three years old)
(5) Target on board date & time session
And send request to reservation@dukling.com.hk for reservation!
***If your birthday crossed with our maintenance date, you may reserve your bday free ride, on board date may choose within 5th-25th May. Please send email to us for the captioned issue.
* Birthday special only applies to regular sessions (not applicable to Symphony of lights cruise section).
** Advance reservations only (please contact us 3 - 30 days before the ride).
*** This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions/ offers /coupons.