DUKLING Cultural Journey (Eastern) - 29th February 2020

DUKLING Cultural Journey (Eastern) - 29th February 2020

Sunday Fun - Hong Kong Eastern District Journey

Get onto DUKLING antique wooden junk ‧ Explore Hong Kong in a new angle

It's kind of hard to imagine the scape of the traditional fishing port of Hong Kong in decades ago when you accommodated yourself into the prosperity surrounding of the city interface. Followed by the development of the Hong Kong city in the 1970s, the fishermen cultural has been faded out with the declining fishing industry. However, the features of the fishermen cultural is still hidden in the city and awaiting to be discovered in Hong Kong nowadays. DUKLING, the remaining antique wooden junk, has been sailing for more than 60 years. Being a witness of the city transformation, as a movable museum of fisherman history, DUKLING would like to introduce you the Hong Kong old days culture in a different way and to explore the fishermen lifestyle with you during the fun experiencing program. Join us today to hunt for the root of the Hong Kong city together! With the effort of you all, we are hoping that the valuable traditional culture can be passed on to the next generations before it's gone for good.

*Children who aged 0-3 need to purchase tickets to ensure the seats.

**No refunds and compensation for all tickets already ordered if the sails fail to open due to unstable weather. Please be advised with the weather condition.

***In the event that less than 10 participants are reserved for a tour, Dukling reserves the right to cancel or make any adjustments to any scheduled as necessary.

If interested to book as charter, please contact Ms. Charlotte Li or Ms. Justina Li for more details. 

Email: charlotteli@dukling.com.hk / justinali@dukling.com.hk 

Tel: 37597101 / 37597103


Embarking time: 12:00 noon


Language of the tour:  Cantonese 

Inquiry: reservation@dukling.com.hk / 3759-7070     

Embarking Pier Remain Child under 3 Adult Senior Child (Aged between 4-11)
25 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00
 Total $0

1. This terms and conditions apply to "DUKLING Cultural Journey" only.

2. DukLing accept early reservation starting from today. Customer need to arrive to the assigned pier at least 15 minutes earlier than the sailing time with the issued voucher on hand.

3. Besides the condition mentioned in point 4., all confirmed reservation may not claim for refund.

4. “DukLing” commencement shall be suspended under Typhoon signal No. 3 or above / Yellow Rainstorm Warning Signal / Red Rainstorm Warning Signal / Black Rainstorm Warning Signal / Thunderstorm Warning Signal. Customer may refer to www.hko.gov.hk to have update weather forecast & reports. Unused tickets may be exercised within one month from the purchase date on or may arrange for refund.

5. No refunds and compensation for all tickets already ordered if the sails fail to open due to unstable weather. Please be advised with the weather condition.

6. For any enquiry and reservation, please contact DukLing Limited directly.

7. DukLing Limited will not be held liable or responsible for failure to carry our obligations mentioned herein directly or indirectly brought about by consequences of war, riots or other Acts of God or any condition beyond the control of the three above parties.

8. If there is any dispute, DukLing Limited retains the final decision right.